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MMORE Organika Skeleton Leaves Phone case - Phone Cover - Phone accessories

Organika Case - Skeleton Leaves

The essence of a leaf brought to the surface. Leaves keep the world alive, their skeletons are what keeps them breathing. Skeleton leaves are carefully treated to bring out the intricate system of veins pumping life into every part of the leaf.

Take your senses on a journey with the world‰۪s first aromatic smartphone cases made from hand-picked actual organic materials. You can feel the texture of the material, and smell its beautiful natural aroma. Each case is handcrafted and unique, just like your style.

The natural material is coated with an organic sugar-based resin, which provides the durability necessary to keep your phone perfectly safe at all times. åÊ

  • Made from natural hand-picked materialsåÊ
  • Durable for maximum protectionåÊ
  • Attractive modern look and style
  • Provides great gripåÊ
  • Doesn't cause allergies
  • The first of its kind in the world
  • Natural aroma lasts for 4-6 months
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